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文法跟讀 In-Tense #002: 現在式 Present Tense

· 文法跟讀單元 In-Tense

Welcome to, the home of English Shadowing. I am your host Gavin and this is InTense Episode 2.

Well guys welcome to the first real episode with regards to practicing grammar and in today's episode we going to be looking at the present tense.

Now for a brief introduction, we use the present tense for things that are generally true, ‘’It is a sunny day. It is a cloudy day.’’ We use it for things that happen every day, ‘’I brush my teeth every morning,’’ and we also use it for things that are facts, ’’The sun is a star.’’

And that basically covers when we use the present tense. Now in this format we not going to be really so interested in “why and how.” We are more interested in examples, so let's get started.

Now before we start, I would like to remind you, we going to be doing a ‘’yes question’’ and a ‘’no question.’’ Sometimes it'll be just one, there are some things we can’t do as a ‘’yes or no’’ and sometimes we will just ask a question and hope that you can just follow it and try and put in some information for yourself.


Okay so let's, start question one:

Do you like YouTube? Yes, I like YouTube.

Do you like YouTube? No, I do not like YouTube.

Is it sunny today? Yes, it is sunny today.

Is it sunny today? No, it is not sunny today.

What is 7 * 3? It is 21.

Is it Friday? Yes, it is Friday.

Is it Friday? No, it is not Friday.

Is Mary a happy person? Yes, she is a happy person.

Is Mary a happy person? No, she is not a happy person.

Is the dog brown? Yes, it is brown.

Is the dog brown? No, it is not brown.

And there you go, just keep repeating over and over and congratulations! You finished your first episode. Thank you for listening guys take care and keep practicing bye!


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