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文法跟讀 In-Tense #028: 是Good還是Well? When do we say "good" and "well"

· 文法跟讀單元 In-Tense

Welcome to the home of English Shadowing. I’m your house Gavin and this is In-Tense Episode 28.

Now guys in this episode we will be looking at a very interesting thing. It’'s basically if you watch any YouTube channels from North America you will hear it, and that's the word “good” You did good!” Well it's very interesting, I was taught when you use the word “good” to describe a verb you use it as “well.” You change it from “good” to “well.” If you use it to describe a noun, a thing, then you use the word “good.” So for an example, “He did well.” or “The car is good.” So that's how it is, of course you will hear it everywhere, I've heard it in movies, et cetera. But that's how we use it, if you describe a verb we use “well” and if you describe a noun you use “good.” One way to cheat a bit is to use the word “great” because “great” is always “great!” But you know “great” and “good” don't exactly mean the same thing, but if you are a bit unsure just throwing in a “great” is okay. So let's get going with a questions.

Did Jane write well? Yes, Jane wrote well.

Did Jane write well? No, she did not write well.

Did Jane do well in the test? Yes, she did well in the test.

Did Jane do well in the test? No, she did not do well in the test.

Was Jane’s test result good? Yes, her test result was good.

Was Jane’s test result good? No, her test result was not good.

Did Peter sleep well? Yes, he slept well.

Did Peter sleep well? No, he did not sleep well.

Was the nap good? Yes, the nap was good.

Was the nap good? No, the nap was not good.

Do you feel well? Yes, I feel well.

Do you feel well? No, I do not feel well.

Is your health good? Yes, my health is good.

Is your health good? No, my health is not good.

Did you have a good day? Yes, I had a good day.

Did you have a good day? No, I did not have a good day.

Did John and Jane perform well? Yes, they performed well.

Did John and Jane perform well? No, they did not perform well.

Did Peter do well? Yes, he did well.

Did Peter do well? No, he did not do well.

Well, there you go guys. Keep practicing and remember, just keep repeating. Have a great day and catch you next time, bye!

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