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文法跟讀 In-Tense Ep.043: Compound Nouns 名詞篇 - 複合名詞

· 文法跟讀單元 In-Tense

Welcome to the home of English Shadowing. I'm your host Gavin and this is InTense Episode 43. Well guys, we're on Episode 43, and we are busy with nouns.

We're going to be looking at the third kind of noun, so far we've looked at common nouns which are the most common, we've looked at proper nouns, easy to spot as they're capitalized meaning the first letter is a big letter, and now thirdly we will look at compound nouns, which sounds terrible. What it is, is basically when you have two words that make up one noun, now there are three ways it can be done, one it could be 2 separate words, it can be hyphenated meaning a little dash in between like a minus in between the two words, or two words could make one.

So, for example if you look at the word “time capsule” 2 words, but they make one thing, that is a compound noun. If you look at a hyphenated words, they have a little dash “great-uncle” ok, “great dash uncle.” There you go and the last one “basketball” so “basket and ball” makes basketball. So again, as previously we're just going to do the examples and I will underline them for you when I do the transcript. Ok, so go look at the transcript if you are unsure of which word the compound noun is. So, let's get going with our examples.

Drill Sentences:

Is the apple tree beautiful? Yes, the apple tree is beautiful.

Is the apple tree beautiful? No, the apple tree is not beautiful.

Is your father-in-law old? Yes, my father-in-law is old.

Is your father-in-law old? No, my father-in-law is not old.

Have you been using my toothbrush? Yes, I have been using your toothbrush.

Have you been using my toothbrush? No, I have not been using your toothbrush.

Is the bathroom nearby? Yes, the bathroom is nearby.

Is the bathroom nearby? No, the bathroom is not nearby.

Is he going to the bus stop? Yes, he is going to the bus stop.

Is he going to the bus stop? No, he is not going to the bus stop.

Do they enjoy seafood? Yes, they enjoy seafood.

Do they enjoy seafood? No, they do not enjoy seafood.

Are fire drills important? Yes, fire drills are important.

Are fire drills important? No, fire drills are not important.

Do you live upstairs? Yes, I live upstairs.

Do you live upstairs? No, I do not live upstairs.

Is your mother-in-law nice? Yes, my mother-in-law is nice.

Is your mother-in-law nice? No, my mother-in-law is not nice.

Do you have the textbook? Yes, I have the textbook.

Do you have the textbook? No, I do not have the textbook.

Are the fireflies beautiful? Yes, the fireflies are beautiful.

Are the fireflies beautiful? No, the fireflies are not beautiful.

Well there you go guys, some examples. If you want to get a bigger list it’s easy, just Google compound nouns or examples of compound nouns and you will find lists and lists of them, and you'll have a better idea, if you are interested. Ok, I’ll catch you in the next one, bye!