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Japanese designer creates solar powered coat that charges your phone


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Thanks to fashion designer Junya Watanabe, you can now buy a coat that can charge your smartphone - but it’s going to cost you.


Junya Watanabe is an esoteric designer who is famous for his radical designs. He has taken things to the extreme and fused his already quirky aesthetic with wearable modern tech.


The khaki green jacket which costs £2,350 is completely solar powered, sporting four panels on the back and two on the front with a hidden interior power pack for on-the-go charging.


While the panels are clearly noticeable, the designer has done his best to give them a tasteful finish with a faux-leather trim.


To be fair, it does sound pretty useful. For now, we’re not sure quite how much time out in the sun you’ll need to fully charge your phone.


A coat which has a relentless backup power supply is appealing - but the idea of forking out more than £2,000 for one isn’t as appealing.


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