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Korea still has OECD’s least happy students


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Social Development Studies of Yonsei University, the subjective happiness index of Korean students stood at 20th (88 points) among 22 OECD countries. Last year, Korea ranked 22nd. At the bottom of the list was Czech Republic with 81 points.


The survey was conducted on 7,343 elementary, middle and high school students nationwide last year, asking them about their health status, satisfaction toward school life and life in general.


The results also indicated that students here had a high chance of lacking sleep as they advanced to higher grades. The proportions of elementary, middle and high school students who experienced sleep deprivation were 24.4 percent, 37.6 percent and 59.4 percent, respectively.


About 9 percent of South Korean high school students had experienced suicidal thoughts more than three times. The proportion for elementary school students was at 5.6 percent and middle school students at 6.5 percent.


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