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Migratory birds flock to Taipei Zoo for warmer winter

動物園水鳥觀察區 冬候鳥報到

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The coming of fall brings northeasterly winds, and with it arrive migratory birds from the the north to set up a temporary home in Taiwan.


The aquatic bird observation area adjacent to Taipei Zoo’s tropical rainforest area is a popular resting spot for winter migratory birds. From now until the end of March next year, one only needs to wait for a while on one of the wooden boardwalks of the observation area for an opportunity to catch a glimpse of Eurasian teal, mandarin ducks and many other varieties of migratory bird.


The aquatic bird observation area is a semi-natural lake where workers from Taipei Zoo feed the birds once during the morning and again in the afternoon, crossing the lake in rowing boats to deliver food. During feeding times you will see the lake’s “tenants” turning up one after the other. This includes a resident flock of ten black swans, in addition to white-breasted waterhen, common moorhen, kingfishers, Chinese egrets, herons and night herons, black-backed wagtails, mallards, Eurasian teals, little grebes and other migratory birds attracted to the area’s natural environment.


According to Taipei Zoo, of all the winter migratory birds who every year come to Taiwan to escape the cold, the majority are Eurasian teals, which can number in excess of 70-80 during the peak of the migratory season. The birds begin to arrive in Taiwan at the start of September and return north when spring arrives, so that by April most have already departed.


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