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Overweight dog sheds 37kg


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

An overweight dog has shed 37kg after its owner was told she was "killing it with kindness". Tyko, a cross-breed Corgi, was so fat he could only take a couple of steps before becoming breathless and slumping to the ground. The dog was taken into care by the Scottish SPCA after the owner was prosecuted. Tyko is now a healthy 12kg. He was 49kg at his fattest.


Tyko’s weight had ballooned to double his normal size due to over-feeding and a lack of exercise. His owner’s neighbour tipped off the Scottish SPCA. Vets said they had never seen a dog so obese, adding that it resembled a seal.


Owner Denise Leitch was admonished at Selkirk Sheriff Court after being of good behaviour during a year-long period of deferred sentence. The 60-year-old had bought the dog as a Christmas present for her husband. She pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to provide treatment for a morbidly obese dog.


Leitch failed to provide an appropriate diet for the dog and failed to provide treatment for its mobility and respiratory conditions. The offence carries a maximum penalty of 12 months imprisonment, a fine of £20,000 or a disqualification from owning animals.


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