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Penglai Waterfall, Yunlin County


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Penglai Waterfall in Yunlin County’s Caoling is part of the Jhugao River in the Jhuoshuei River Basin. In the summer months, the river crashes 200 meters down from 1,200 meters above sea level, forming the majestic Penglai Waterfall among a rocky landscape. With the path to the waterfall even and pleasant to walk, lined with a wealth of flora and fauna and dispersed along the way with smaller waterfalls cascading down the cliffs and over caves and occasionally splashing you, it is perfect for a family outing in the cool air.


There is a brick paved path to Penglai Waterfall, and a five-minute stroll leads you over a small bridge and then across the Penglai suspension bridge. Here, the landscape changes to precipitous cliffs, and you can see the Jhugao River as it burbles by. To either side you will occasionally see small streams following the path of the river emerging from between the cliffs, sometimes forming mini waterfalls as the water cascades over boulders obstructing the flow of the river.


At this point the air will start to turn cooler, and you will see tadpoles and frogs in the pools to the sides of the path. Around five minutes past model dinosaurs is a balmy viewing platform affording views of the river down below. It is at the end of the path that you get a sense of the splendor of the Penglai Waterfall and the power of the water, with smaller waterfalls creating whirlpools in the river among the rocks.


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