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Teachers take lead in hand spinner craze

指尖陀螺夯 高中老師帶頭玩

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Hand spinners are all the rage and, while some schools have banned students from bringing them to class, worried they will be too distracting, teachers in Taoyuan’s Jhih Shan High School have taken the lead in introducing the spinning toys to class. The students are pretty stoked about that.


Hand spinners, said to have a calming and therapeutic effect, are hot in the US and Europe and have now come to Taiwan. Jhih Shan High School has allowed the craze into creative courses, using a 3D printer it has access to from cooperation with industry to design and print the most popular hand spinner designs.

號稱可透過旋轉達到舒壓、療癒的小玩具「指尖陀螺」從歐美紅到台灣,至善高中將這股風潮融入創意課程,利用與業界合作引進的3D列印機,自行設計並製作出時下最流行的「指尖陀螺」 。

According to Yan Ching-hung, who studied design, students can make the ball bearing units in their hand spinners from ceramic, metal or composite materials, and the different bearing materials will have an effect on the way the spinners shake, rattle and spin.


And whether or not the hand spinners do actually have a calming effect, these creative classes have already inspired the students to learn, and given them more motivation to study.


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