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German airport offers prayer booth in 65 languages


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Feeling nervous before your flight? Travelers at Stuttgart airport can now receive spiritual solace by entering a booth and listening to a prayer of their choice before boarding the plane.


The prayer booth features 300 prayers from various religions in 65 different languages, airport spokesman Johannes Schumm said.


The prayers include the Christian Lord’s Prayer, the Islamic muezzin’s call to prayer, Tibetan monk chants, and prayers of Shamans from New Guinea or Mali are also available.


In addition to the big monotheistic faiths, polytheistic religions and animist beliefs are also included. The booth is free and will be available for three months at Stuttgart Airport’s boarding area next to Gate 310.


The artist Oliver Sturm has designed several prayer booths in recent years that have been installed at schools and museums.


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