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Taipower hopes to build Green Island geothermal power plant


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Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) is interested in tapping the geothermal energy in Green Island. The company is currently planning to drill two wells near Chaorih Hot Spring to conduct tests. If the tests are successful, the company will build a geothermal power plant capable of generating 2000 kilowatts (kW) of electricity by 2020.


According to Lyudao Township Mayor Cheng Wen-jen, Green Island relies solely on its coal-fired power plant for electricity. However, the power plant has grown very old and sometimes does not generate enough electricity for the entire island during the high season. Furthermore, the overhead power lines in the Hot Spring Tribe in the island’s Gongguan Village are yet to be moved underground, making them vulnerable to typhoons, which can cause power outages that last for days.


On Tuesday last week, Taipower representative Lee Wen-bin of the renewable energy department said at a briefing on the island that if the company can obtain permission to carry out well tests, it will build a small geothermal power station capable of generating 200 kW of electricity in the area near Chaorih Hot Spring. The construction will begin in July at the earliest and, if things go smoothly, the power station should begin its trial run next year. During its trial run, the electricity station would be able to provide electricity for all Hot Spring Tribe residents.


Lee also pointed out that if the trial run is successful, the company’s next goal would be to expand the geothermal power project by building a geothermal power plant capable of generating 2000 kW of electricity — which would be enough to support the electricity needs of more than half of the island during peak time — between 2020 and 2021.


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