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Taiwanese aboriginal homes now on Google Earth Street View

台灣原住民家屋 登上Google地球街景

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Google announced on Aug. 17 that it has added 22 homes across the world to its “This is home” service, including a Paiwan house made of stone slabs and a Tao subterranean house on Orchid Island.


According to a news release by Google, the company’s Street View team has worked with several other organizations to add 22 new homes from six continents to Google Maps. This has not only enabled users from around the world to explore the culturally distinctive homes from 360 degrees, but also helped ensure that their images will be digitally preserved in perpetuity.


Google says the “This is home” service provides a bird’s-eye view of the homes as well as street-level images of them from both inside and outside. It also features interviews with the house owners and local residents to help users better understand the houses’ architecture and the local culture.


“This is home” was first launched in April. Including the five homes revealed upon its initial launch, there are now 27 unique and traditional homes across the world featured in the service, available for users to view and explore.


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