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精選詞彙 Vocab #004: You don't really own your tattoos

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When you get a tattoo, even if the image is embedded on your body, it is owned by the tattoo artist. Tattoos used to be a label or a stigma for people, but now it is becoming more prominent. Tattoos in Japan were meant for firemen, so that they could be identified if they were burnt. Thereafter, tattoos were more associated with the Yakuza and frowned upon in the public baths. Gavin's advice: never get a tattoo on a place that you cannot cover it up. According to the article, game-makers now are concerned about the copyright of the tattoos on their game avatars. Since the copyright belongs to tattoo artists and not the athletes, game-makers have to get permission from the tattoo artist. 

Sample vocabulary and sentence:

Transcendent ( adj. surpassing the ordinary, extraordinary)

  • Michael Jordan was a transcendent athlete.
  • Wayne Gretzky was a transcendent ice hockey player.
  • Warren Buffett is a transcendent investor.

Tangible (adj. can be felt by touch)

  • Love is intangible, but the act of love is tangible.
  • Intangible assets of a company includes trademark, copyright, intellectual property, and knowledge of employees.
  • Tangible assets of a company includes property and machinery.

Dope (informal - adj. cool ; formal - n. drugs v. to use drugs)

  • Taylor Swift's new music video is dope.
  • My new Apple Watch is dope!
  • It is illegal to smoke dope in Taiwan, but it is legal in the United States.

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