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精選詞彙 Vocab #011: Headphones for commuters

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab


Headphones have come a long way. Decades ago, they were considered products only for the audiophiles, and once sony came out with their walkmans, earphones and headphones have become an important accessory for the on-the-go listening experience. Now the headphones and earphones are not only made for all levels of audio enthusiasts, but also for the those who likes to show off a bit of their status by wearing luxury headphones. Through the article, we get to learn about a few that the celebrity are embracing these days.

Vocabulary and sample sentences:

1. DJ – Disc Jockey (verb and noun)

  • I would love to learn how to DJ
  • My favorite DJ is Armin van Buuren.

Complement – sth that enhances or improves it

  • Luxury headphones will complement my outfit for today.
  • Quality headphones are usually complemented by high-tech materials.

Privacy – state of not being disturbed or observed by others

  • Privacy is very important when you take a shower.
  • My mother only started to respect my privacy when I moved out of the house.


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