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精選詞彙 Vocab #034: Spain's climate change and Greece's gig economy

西班牙的氣候變遷 & 希臘的零工經濟

· 15Mins英語咖啡館


The effects of climate change is becoming more and more severe every year. New study predicts that by 2050, London will be as warm as the climate in Barcelona. Not to mention that hundreds of other major cities worldwide could be facing droughts, flooding, storms, and other climate catastrophes.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences :

Prediction n . The action of predicting something / a forecast

  • Peter’s prediction of a rainy weather this afternoon proved to be true.

Catastrophe n. – event causing great and sudden damage or suffering / disaster

  • Typhoon Morakot was an environmental catastrophe that destroyed crops in Southern Taiwan.
  • Taiwan suffered catastrophic consequences following the September 21stearthquake.


After Greece’s austerity policy kicked in, the government that was buried under debt is now collecting annual tax bills upfront that’s driving small business owners out of business and turn themselves to the “gig economy”. So half of Greece’s young people are unemployed and those who work in the gig economy are working long hours for low wages and no job security.

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:

Gig n. A performance by a musician / a temp job that has uncertain future

  • My friend’s band is doing a gig in Taipei this coming weekend.
  • Some of my unemployed friends are taking on gigs on the side to make more money.

Afloat adj. floating in water / out of debt.

  • I need to work another job to keep my finance afloat.
  • My first swimming lesson was to kick as much as I can to stay afloat.