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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.098: 台灣車輪餅席捲全球 Taiwanese wheelcakes and snacks made famous around the world

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab


In recent years, Taiwan’s boba milk tea has taken the world by storm. Now, many more Taiwanese local snacks are becoming more visible internationally. Wheelcake – a thick, round pancake made in a mold that sandwich a variety of fillings is now giving London foodies something to drool over. What are some of your favorite Taiwanese snacks? Do you think they would be loved as much overseas?

Vocabulary and Sample Sentences:

Street vendor n. – vendors that sell goods on the street, usually with a cart or on a mat.

  • Shilin nightmarket started with a few street vendors aiming to serve night owls that later evolved into a market of street vendors covering the neighboring streets.
  • Selling on the streets as a street vendor is the easiest way to test market your product. 

Fluffy adj. – light in texture and containing air

  • Wheelcake is a popular street snack made by sandwiching a filling between two fluffy pancakes.
  • Milk is the secret to making fluffy scrambled eggs. 

Filling n. – something edible put between layers of a sandwich or cake

  • Beard papa puffs now offers strawberry cream filling.
  • Mister Donut’s angel cream donut now comes in 3 flavors of filling. 


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