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精選詞彙播客 Vocab Ep.113: 你的高中生活是如何的呢?What were your high school years like?

· 精選詞彙單元 Vocab



A recent high school incident went viral on social media and made headlines everywhere. The short clip that went viral showed a female music teacher expressing her disapproval of her student's presentation. In this episode, Angel and I discuss our high school years and how we behaved in class.


1.Have/throw a fit 大發脾氣

She'll throw a fit when she sees the mess you've made.*她一旦看見你弄的這一團糟會大發脾氣的。

2. All-boys school 男校

John attended an all-boys primary and an all-boys high school. John老師上了一所全男生的小學和高中

3. Curriculum 課程

Teachers must follow the curriculum when delivering class content. 教師在上課時必須遵守課程編排

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