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Workaholics Have Serious Psychiatric Disorder


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Are you staying up late to finish "important" emails? Do you take work home on the weekends? You might want to re-examine why you are working so hard, because according to Norwegian research, workaholics often have a number of psychiatric disorders.


A study led by the University of Bergen examined 16,426 working adults and found an association between workaholism and psychiatric problems. The research found that:32.7% of workaholics had ADHD - 33.8 % had anxiety - 25.6 % of workaholics had OCD - 8.9 % had depression.

一項由卑爾根大學領導的研究,檢視1萬6426名在職成年人,發現醉心工作與精神疾病之間有所關聯。該研究發現:32.7%的工作狂患有注意力不足過動症(ADHD)-33.8 %罹患焦慮症-25.6%的工作狂患有強迫症(OCD)-8.9%患有憂鬱症。

"Workaholics scored higher on all the psychiatric symptoms than non-workaholics," said researcher and Clinical Psychologist Specialist Cecilie Schou Andreassen. "Thus, taking work to the extreme may be a sign of psychological or emotional issues."


The scientists encourage further research in this field, stressing the importance of neurobiological deviations in workaholism . How often do you work overtime? Maybe it’s time to take a break.


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