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每日跟讀#713: About USA -Lori Loughlin’s "Full House" character took part in a school scam


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每日跟讀#713: About USA -Lori Loughlin’s "Full House" character took part in a school scam

Life imitates art if you have the life of Lori Loughlin and took part in the artistry that was "Full House."


Loughlin was taken into FBI custody in Los Angeles Wednesday and released on $1 million bond as part of the investigation into a massive college admissions scam. Fans now are making the connection between this real-life scandal and one that Loughlin’s "Full House" character, Aunt Becky, was involved in.


In season six of the family sitcom, Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse, played by John Stamos, worry that their twin boys won’t get into a prestigious preschool. Jesse lies about the twins’ academic abilities to try to get them in. Becky puts an end to the scam, but justifies her husband’s actions - he just wanted what’s best for their twins.


The 1993 episode, titled "Be True to Your Pre-School," had a happy ending - neither parent went to jail or faced media scrutiny for just "doing what’s best" for their kids. In real life, Loughlin is facing conspiracy charges and possible prison time if convicted.


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Google has released a data set of thousands of deepfake videos that it produced using paid, consenting actors in order to help researchers in the ongoing work of coming up with detection methods.


The data set, available on Github, contains more than 3,000 deepfake videos. To produce the videos, Google used 28 actors, placing pairs of them in quotidian settings:hugging, talking, expressing emotion and the like. To transform their faces, Google used publicly available, state-of-the-art, automatic deepfake algorithms:Deepfakes, Face2Face, FaceSwap and NeuralTextures.


Earlier this month, Facebook just announced that it was launching a $10m deepfake detection project.


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