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Apple Store coming to Taiwan: Taipei 101 rumored to be first location


· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

Apple Inc is rumored to have selected Taipei 101 as the location for the company’s first Apple Store in Taiwan. According to the source of the rumor, the store, which will be directly operated by Apple, will occupy a 1,322 square meter retail unit that straddles the first floor and basement level one of the building, located next to the cosmetics concessions off Xinyi Road. Meanwhile, authorized Apple retailer, Studio A, last Monday withdrew from its retail store in basement level one of Taipei 101.

根據傳聞,蘋果直營店Apple Store登台地點將為台北一○一,且店面將包含購物中心一樓靠信義路化妝品區及地下一樓上下二層,占地四百坪。而原本在一○一地下一樓的經銷體系晶實科技(Studio A)上週一已撤離。

Precisely when the Apple Store will open for business and the exact size of the store are still both unclear at this stage.


Studio A president Cheng Ying-lung has revealed that the sudden decline in Chinese visitors to Taiwan caused a significant shock to the company’s flagship store in Taipei 101 with sales this year having declined 70 percent on last year’s figures.


When asked how Studio A plans to compete with the Apple Store once it arrives in Taiwan, Cheng says in recent years Studio A has been actively building up its membership business, expanding its deep presence at school campuses, and has already amassed a large membership base.


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