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China’s latest online education craze: iTeachers making big bucks

中國網路教育火紅 網師收入驚人

· 每日跟讀單元 Daily English

China is developing the latest work craze: The iTeacher.


The Chinese live education platform CCtalk, which has only been online for just over a year, has already attracted over 10 million students to its online courses, taught by over 30,000 iTeachers.


The platform’s most popular iTeacher at the moment is set to earn tens of millions of Chinese yuan per year. This iTeacher, named Zhu Wei, has a wide range of courses available on the platform, and he’s also published a book, bringing in a large amount of student fans.


According to CCtalk chairman Lu Jian, the “i” in “iTeacher” stands for two things: “Internet” and “independent.” That is, iTeachers do not belong to the organization, they have an independent status.


The price of the courses available on CCtalk is at the discretion of the iTeachers themselves. They can price them at 100 yuan (NT$450) or at 10,000 yuan (NT$45,000). The key is in whether anyone is willing to purchase them at that price.


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