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1. Intelligent Thinkers Are Lazy, Non-Thinkers Are Active 聰明的思考者懶惰,非思考者活躍
2. Could This Turmeric Hot Chocolate Treat Your Blues? 這款薑黃熱巧克力能撫慰你的憂鬱嗎?
3. Lego fan creates campus from 6,000 blocks  就愛玩樂高 六千片做出學校模型
4. Large sections of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef found dead  科學家發現澳洲大堡礁珊瑚大量死亡
5. Apple Store coming to Taiwan: Taipei 101 rumored to be first location  蘋果直營店據傳將落腳台北一○一
6. Staff at Italian hospital suspected of shirking on grand scale 義大利醫院職員涉嫌大規模瀆職
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